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Green University® LLC   PO Box 697 - Pony, MT 59747
Wilderness Survival, Sustainable Living, and Green Business Development
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      "The Machine is everything you have ever known and everything you have ever been told. The Machine is the unconscious collective sum of humanity. It assimilates everything in its path, turning meadows and wildlands into subdivisions and shopping malls. The Machine sucks the life out of children, making them into automatons that work without meaning and consume without purpose."

--Thomas J. Elpel,
Break Free from The Machine

Green University® LLC
From Wilderness Survival to Sustainable Living

      In our media-driven world, getting back to nature is essential to gain positive grounding in the real world. Science, history, and ecology concepts learned from books are meaningless without a physical connection. Wilderness experiences help wire the hands to the brain, integrating conceptual knowledge, while building an ethic of stewardship and the tools to think sustainably. For instance, building and maintaining a campfire helps connect the physical world with the conceptual world to more intuitively quantify energy and understand where it comes from. This connection facilitates comprehension of everything from conservation to sustainable design to energy policy.

      Our Green University®, LLC Internship program connects the dots from wilderness survival to sustainable living in the modern world. Through primitive living skills, we immerse participants in the natural world and deal with sustainability issues at an intimate level. The acts of finding shelter, harvesting wild foods, making clothes, and keeping warm reproduces issues of modern sustainability on a model scale as we journey to meet our needs.

      Conversations started through primitive living experiences are continued as we work on projects such as sustainable, high-efficiency construction from mostly recycled materials. We begin with self-sufficiency and look outward towards global sustainability. And for those who are interested, we seek to incubate green businesses to make our society more sustainable.

Green University® LLC Internships
      Green University® LLC educates, consults, and provides internships focusing on primitive living and wilderness survival skills, environmental issues, sustainable living, alternative construction, and sustainable business practices. Green University® LLC functions as a green business think tank, central resource, and incubator to mentor people in launching businesses, products, and services, that profit by making the world a better place for all, including healing ecosystems, restoring biodiversity, and closing the loop on wasted materials, energy, time, money, and labor. [read more...]

Recycle Anything
      Check out our Green University® Recycle Anything Guide (PDF)


      Just ordered your Field Guide to Money (Direct Pointing to Real Wealth). It is a great book, I tried to get my library to buy it. They let me read a copy from Boise instead.

      I've already used some of the principles in this book to get a job at Boulder Hot Springs at Boulder, Montana. I drive over once a month or so, and help them with their Organic food production. I visited Boulder H.S. in April, May and June - helping them learn to grow food in their new geothermal greenhouse. It's a great job. I utilize your ideas about closing waste loops and Wow! - it works great. Small input and RESULTS! Waste streams are so generous!

Thank You!


B. Goodrich
Sandpoint, Idaho

authored by
Thomas J. Elpel

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